How to Make the Best Digital Ads on Facebook. [Beginner edition]

Are you creating your first Facebook ad? Well, I have some best practices for you.

Stay Focused – Marketing Goals

This is basic Marketing 101. When creating a Facebook ad make sure you start with your marketing goals and objectives. It’s simple – if you have goals you’ll stay focused and your ad will perform better. What’s the purpose of your ad? Start with that question. Facebook makes it easy to set objectives with their handy Ads Guide.

Know Your Audience – Target Audience

Who are you trying to reach? This one is important and Facebook is especially helpful because they provide ad targeting. You can choose exactly who you intend to target.

Also, if you know your audience you’ll know what they respond to. You can also A|B test on Facebook if you’re not too familiar with your audience behavior. Don’t forget to track which message performs better.

Keep it Simple, Sweetie (Yes, I changed the acronym.)

Don’t ramble. As a Facebook user, do you scroll through your News Feed, stopping only when you see something interesting? Your audience does the same. Think about your objective and use Facebook’s tools. They want to connect you to your audience.

Tips straight from Facebook (lead generation objective):

    • Recommended image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels
    • Image ratio: 1.9:1
    • Text: 90 characters
    • Headline: 25 characters
    • News Feed description: 30 characters
    • Image should include minimal text.

Set Your Budget and Analyze Results

Facebook allows you to set a budget for ads. You may spend it all, or not. Why? According to Facebook, “Even though you set a budget amount, you may not spend that entire amount because your ad isn’t delivering to your audience.” Make sure to look at the results and re-evaluate if necessary.

Facebook has tons of tips and recommendations you can learn from. You got this!